Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Sad Update!

First of all, THIS:

Second of all, I have bad news. I’m retiring. And by “retiring”, I mean I won’t be posting recaps/thoughts for a little while, but I’m sure I’ll be one of those people who says she’s retiring but then decides to come out of retirement because she hates being retired and everyone is like “what the fuck I thought she retired.”

I watched Monday’s show and took notes and have been staring at them ever since. I have nothing new to say! It’s just the same shit and I have the same jokes. Last week, some bitch commented on my post that it was terrible and I’ve given up. Yes, super rude, but also true. I’m certainly not quitting because of some chick who throws out insults to people she doesn’t know online, but she wasn’t all wrong either. My thoughts aren’t that funny anymore. I’ve been doing this a long ass time and I honestly think if I walk away for awhile, I might come back better, funnier and happier.

Plus there’s a lot of real life craziness going on – not bad stuff, but just stuff that makes it really hard to dedicate any amount of time to this blog and I don’t want to keep churning out shit, just so I keep the blog going. You get me?

I can’t tell you how happy your comments and witty banter on Facebook have made me, over the years. I truly love my readers and it’s 100% why I’ve continued to do it the last year or so. You’re all (uh mostly) so kind to me and I love the e-friendships I’ve developed with my loyal followers, especially the guy who buys me Mexican food every year on my birthday. And the ladies who printed up my face and brought me to their Bachelorette finale viewing party one year so we could watch it “together”. And the random people who recognize me at weddings and shit and take selfies with me. And all the people who send me Bachelor contestant sightings. You’re all my kind of people and I love you. And I’m sorry!

I’m sure I’ll be back – maybe not full force but I know I’ll watch this crap no matter what and I may not be able to help myself from commenting on some of it, somehow, somewhere.

Thanks again for your loyalty over the years – you’re such fun people. I wish we were all friends and lived in the same town and could all get drunk together at my house while watching the show. Goodbye for now!